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25 Secrets For Making Nutrition Packed 60 Second Smoothies

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25 Ways To Make 60 Second Smoothies For Your Busy On The Go Lifestyle

Smoothies. A near perfect answer for packing the most nutrition into the fastest and easiest way to consume it. A near perfect solution for fueling up your body while on the go.

Adapting smoothies into your routine can be life changing. We’re not talking, now, about those sugary drinks that feature ice cream and all sorts of other unhealthy ingredients. Those drinks are delicious if you want to make them, but they are really milkshakes and more like a dessert than a nutritional powerhouse. The key to making the most of your smoothie is to pack it with nutritional value and skip the sugary unhealthy ingredients.

So what is a  60 second smoothie? We’re talking literally grabbing the ingredients and having it ready to go in 60 seconds or less. I personally use one of those Nutribullet blenders because the blending jar is your glass, so it’s fast and convenient. All of the smoothies featured below are simple 3 ingredient concoctions that are very little trouble and packed with goodness and energy.

Healthy smoothies can add things to your diet that might be missing now.

More Fruits and Vegetables

How many of us take time to sit down and eat beneficial amounts of vegetables every day? Even if we have time, do we take the time to prepare them? Smoothies make it easy! It isn’t hard to blend down 1-2 cups of greens into a delicious and satisfying drink.

More Beneficial Fiber

Fiber is critical for helping your digestive tract function properly. It helps lower cholesterol, and gives you a satisfied full feeling after meals. When you juice fruits and vegetables, you lose almost all of the valuable fiber. When you blend them into a smoothie, ALL of that valuable fiber is retained!

More Free Radical Killing Antioxidants

Antioxidants help prevent cell damage and aid in preserving overall health. Healthy smoothie ingredients (whole fruits and vegetables) are packed with antioxidants, in a quick and easy to consume form. When all is said and done, getting your dose of antioxidants fresh from the original source is better than swallowing supplement pills, we believe.

More Nutrients Right Now

Since smoothies are blended down, they give you more nutrients than you could otherwise eat in one meal. Lots of fruits and vegetables, no chewing, easy to digest!

Enjoy making some of these fast 60 second smoothies, and please share with others!


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Go to Page 2 (click below) to get ten more delicious 60 second smoothie recipes!

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