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Why You Should Stop Using Grapeseed Oil

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Grapeseed Oil Is Not The Healthy Alternative You’ve Heard It Is

Grapeseed oil has been touted for years as a healthy alternative to conventional cooking oils, the vegetable oils typically found in those big plastic bottles on grocery store shelves. In most cases grapeseed oil carries a significantly higher price tag, and is often sold in smaller glass bottles.

This all looks good, but are we being fooled? How could grapeseed oil be unhealthy, given that it’s extracted directly from the seeds of grapes, which technically makes it a natural product? It carries the reputation of being a mild and delicately flavored fruit oil with special properties that set it apart from common cooking oils.

For starters – one of the most highly touted benefits of cooking with grapeseed oil is the high smoke point. It is typically rated around 485 F, and is prized by chefs who need to cook certain foods relatively quickly without having the oil develop an off taste or go rancid and ruin the flavor of the food. Problem is, this oil should not even be used as a cooking oil (Google this, evidence abounds).

Generally speaking, if an oil is considered predominantly polyunsaturated (as grapeseed oil is), then it should not be used for cooking regardless of how high its smoke point may be. Oxidation and production of free radicals occurs quickly when these types of oils are exposed to heat – even relatively low heat. Consuming this oil after heating is not good news, as free radicals present in the oil can contribute to inflammation and irritation in our bodies.

There are other reasons for concern about the healthiness of grape seed oil. I know this is surprising news to many.

Read the excerpt below for more revelations about grapeseed oil and more good reasons to consider no longer using this oil for cooking. Please share and let others know, too.

Grape seed oil is constantly marketed as a healthy cooking oil and most of us believe it. However, you need to realize that much of what you hear in the mainstream media has been influenced by big food companies. Grape seed oil is not healthy; it is processed from the seeds of grapes, which are formed as a by-product of wine making.

Grape seed oil doesn’t have most of the nutrients and antioxidants from grape seeds.

After it has gone through the intense chemical extraction process, most of the nutrients have been removed.

If you look at the nutrition facts, you will see that grape seed oil only has vitamin E—about 3.9 mg in a serving (tablespoon). However, other much better sources of Vitamin E include butter from grass fed cows that contains a lot more other beneficial nutrients instead of just Vitamin E alone.

Grape seed oil made with hexane, a hydrocarbon vapor and constituent of gasoline.

Hexane is a colorless and odorless hydrocarbon vapor that is mainly used in the production of glue, pain, shoes and furniture but it is also used to make most grape seed oil. According to the World Health Organization, a single exposure to hexane can cause vertigo, dizziness, and drowsiness. It is also a skin irritant. Long-term exposure may cause neuropathy, anorexia, and diminished reflexes.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency:

Hexane is used to extract edible oils from seeds and vegetables, as a special-use solvent, and as a cleaning agent. Acute (short-term) inhalation exposure of humans to high levels of hexane causes mild central nervous system (CNS) effects, including dizziness, giddiness, slight nausea, and headache. Chronic (long-term) exposure to hexane in air is associated with polyneuropathy in humans, with numbness in the extremities, muscular weakness, blurred vision, headache, and fatigue observed. Neurotoxic effects have also been exhibited in rats.

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