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Are You Buying Fake Chinese Rice Without Knowing It?

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You May Be Eating Fake Chinese Rice Without Realizing It – Be Careful!

Have you heard about the fake Chinese rice? There has been quite a stir the last couple of years about fake rice apparently originating in China. Some stories suggest that this rice has found its way into many other countries, including the USA. It has been suggested that in some cases the fake Chinese rice is mixed with regular rice, to make it harder to detect.

The manufactured rice is said to be made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a “synthetic resin” that is basically a plastic material. This mixture can have a toxic effect on the body and be the root cause for digestive and intestinal problems.

How do you know if the rice you’re purchasing is fake? Here is a video that shows how to recognize this product. Check it out, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Watch this video, then see additional information below. Please share with others.

Recently, the world has been disturbed by the shocking news about fake eggs produced in China. Unfortunately, this is followed by another disturbing fact. Namely, world media are spreading the news about the fake Chinese rice made from plastic. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you carefully read the labels on the products you are buying.

Asian local media stated that this type of rice originated from China, but it was first found in the India`s southern state, Kerala. Furthermore, it was quickly distributed in the Asian countries, such as India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

This plastic rice is mixed with normal rice and it can be found in many well-known commercial brands. Therefore, it is very difficult to notice the difference in order to avoid it. Individuals claim that they have experienced digestive problems after consuming this kind of rice.

This rice consists of mixed potatoes, sweet potatoes and synthetic resin which can have negative and even toxic effects on people`s gastrointestinal system, according to experts. In addition, media report that fake rice has been on the market for a long time, and that it first appeared in Shaanxi and Taiyuan. Due to its great similarity to normal rice, people cannot notice the difference.

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