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How to Detox Joints and Relieve Pain With a Common Weed

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This Weed Is A Nutritional Wonder And Amazing Herbal Remedy For Joint Pain And Inflammation

The common dandelion is a nutritional powerhouse and an effective home remedy for helping ease joint pain and inflammation.

To some, dandelions are just annoying weeds. Ask anyone who fights weeds in their lawn – dandelions are excellent at adapting and spreading via the beautiful seed heads that blow off in the wind. These plants have provided hours of pleasure for many children, who enjoy picking the heads and blowing the seeds.

The plant is a hardy perennial that features a thick, long taproot which has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. Native Americans would use the dandelion root as a remedy to treat kidney disease, skin problems, and digestive issues.

Scientific research has confirmed that dandelion can be an effective diuretic. In one study, published in the “Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine” in 2009, a test group consumed dandelion extract for 24 hours and their urine output was measured. The studies found that dandelion consumption led to a marked increase in urine output, compared to measured output for the prior two days.

Increasing urine production can assist your body in getting rid of excess fluid, reducing elevated blood pressure, and in resolving liver issues.

Other traditional uses for dandelion in herbal medicine include:

  • cleansing for the blood
  • improves stomach function
  • boosts metabolism
  • increases breast milk
  • helps reduce cholesterol

Below is a recipe for creating a dandelion tincture that can help ease joint pain and inflammation. Please enjoy, and consider sharing with others!

Folk medicine recommends a tincture of dandelion that purifies the body from toxins that are accumulated in the joints, prevents arthritis and inflammations, heals damaged cells from free radicals and cleanses the body of pesticides in food.

Here is how to prepare it in the comfort of your own home:

Fill 1 kg jar with finely chopped: roots, leaves, stems and flowers of dandelion and pour 500 ml of 70 % alcohol. Close it well and let it sit for 10 days at room temperature with occasional stirring. After 10 days, strain and squeeze the herbs through gauze so the liquid comes out.


Children drink 10 and adults 20 drops from this tincture in a glass of milk, once a day, in the morning before breakfast. You can take this tincture in drops for longer period of time.

Source: Health Tips Portal

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